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Wrestling - Things You Would Like To Know!

Wrestling is Everywhere: In almost every region of the world, there are professional wrestling organizations. Its an aggressive sport that requires skill, strategy, and strength.

Wrestling is Fake

A wrestler gets really angry when the reporter says its all fake. Its a very ancient combat sport. Wrestling is commonly viewed as both barbaric, and phony, neither of which is really what wrestling is. Its a sport that involves self defense, and competition, different than boxing in that you can compete without the fear of a major injury.

The first thing you need to understand about wrestling is that it's fake. OK, it's fake, but it's real sports entertainment. They rarely use fake blood (there are obvious exceptions, in which their opponents have gallons of blood-like substance dumped on them) in matches. The reason that wrestling is viewed to be fake/phony, by most people, is the direction in which "Professional Wrestling" has gone.

Modern professional wrestling usually features striking and grappling techniques, which are modelled after diverse sets of global wrestling and pugilistic styles. The level of realism may vary from sports entertainment (the American World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) promotion) to stiff style (the Japanese strong style as exemplified by Antonio Inoki) to spotfests.

There are several other promotions where womens wrestling is still presented and promoted as a serious sport. Wrestling is actually the act of physical engagement of two people with the motive of overpowering the opponent and pinning him to the ground. Modern professional wrestling is commonly associated within a company (often referred to as a fed or promotion), where the participants create an entertaining show simulating a dueling match. A common trend in wrestling is the development of the no-disqualification (or Hardcore) match. Pro wrestling is still sports entertainment, which doesn't make it all that different from the sports leagues that don't have predetermined outcomes.

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