Women ยป Women Giving Head

Women Are Not Inferior

Women are not inferior but every system needs a hierarchy to operate properly. A company needs a president whereas a school requires a superintendent. The family is no different.

A family needs a head. The head can be a woman or a man but being the head does not make one superior to his or her subordinates. The only reason people consider subordinates inferior is because society has forced people to associate the word "subordinate" with inferior and "head" with superior.

The fact is that every system requires both a head and subordinates to function. A school cannot function without a superintendent just as it cannot function without students. Without students, a school would fail to generate revenue needed to pay the superintendent.

Therefore, women who work under a head in a company should not consider themselves inferior and nor should they let anyone else consider them as such. They are not inferior. Without them, the company would fail to operate. Every member of a system is valuable.

Similarly, humans should not frown down upon societies which place men at the head of the family. Placing the man at the head does not mean he is superior and the woman is inferior. It's just that particular society's way of managing the family system.

The same can be said for a society which places a woman at the head of the family. The man is not inferior and nor is the woman superior.

Women, since they encounter such situations more often, need to ignore what society says. Instead, they should consider their circumstances objectively. If you believe you are inferior, then ask yourself why you think so. Most often than not you will find that the reason is society. Society creates false definitions. Moving away from definitions and thinking objectively is the key to happiness.

Zeeshan, a fourth year Medical Student, enjoys freelancing.

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