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EBook Success - When Will You Publish Your EBook?

You're raring and ready to start writing your eBook. But wait...have you decided when you will publish your eBook? Before you even begin with the writing, you should create a timeline for your book. The timeline will serve as your map to eBook success. It will also enable you to know without a doubt when you can expect to publish your eBook.

Want to know how to create that timeline so that you can set a firm publishing date in stone for your eBook? Here's how:

  • Write down the date you would like to publish your eBook. By doing this, you give yourself a deadline. This deadline will make you work harder and more diligently towards completing your eBook on time.
  • Draft a list of tasks that have to be done. Some basic steps that usually have to be done before you can even start the writing process are: research, note-taking, studying the subject matter, etc. Compile a comprehensive lists of such tasks so that you have a clear picture of everything that must be done. Don't forget to include: writing the draft, proofreading, editing, etc.
  • Create a backwards timeline. Using your self-imposed deadline that you created above and the tasks list, draft a backwards timeline. If your tentative publish date is two months from now, start by drawing eight lines on a sheet of paper (one for each week). Write on each of those lines everything from your task list, starting with the research phase and working your way up to the writing and editing phase last.

Each of these points is something that will help you write your first eBook.

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