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Out Of Fashion - Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Fashion is simply defined as a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, art forms or social behaviour. Out of fashion therefore implies a custom or style of dress, etiquette, art forms or social behaviour that was once popular but no longer is.

There are several reasons why styles that were in fashion go out of fashion. The first that comes to mind is the saying that the only thing constant is change itself. Change is the natural order of things and that is why fashion trends change. Every generation wants to be different from the previous one. The Hippie movement of the early sixties arose as a protest against prevalent social modes and created its own style of dress and behaviour.

However without any impetus change is a slow process. The robust nude paintings of the Renaissance were in fashion for over a hundred years. Sometimes technology is the cause of things going out of fashion. Take for example the invention of the photographic camera. Prior to this one of the main purposes of painting was to preserve a likeness of people and places for posterity. The camera performed this function better. Hence realism in painting went out of fashion and a host of surrealist styles became popular.

In the last fifty years changes in fashion have been taking place at a fast pace. These cannot be explained by normal social changes or by technological inventions. The changes have been deliberately enforced with specific objectives. The fact of the matter is that fashion has become big business, whether it is couture or life style or music or anything else. First through marketing hype fashions are created so that products and services can be sold. Then when the sales begin to dwindle another marketing hype puts these products and services out of fashion and another set in fashion.

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