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Iranian American Woman To Fly Into Space

Wow talk about World Class PR? An Iranian-American Woman will now be next inline on the list to be the next Space Tourist to the International Space Station via the Russian Space Capsule. Incredible as the Iranian President says such negative things about the United States and our evil technology a former Iranian Woman is about to be a world hero. Very cool indeed.

And of course she will be a hero for sure in the Arab world and show all Arab woman what is possible as the first Woman Space Tourist. And of course she will be able to talk about American Freedom, her old country. Think of all the interviews and discussions on the differences, advancements for science and women in America as opposed to those in her old Iranian country. An "infidel" nation could not possibly do something horrible like that now could they; America sending Arab women into space; very impressive? What a great PR move, she will be a world hero and show what is possible for Arab Woman. I highly approve.

One can only wonder what the Iranian President will say to this, as a woman does what no Iranian Man has ever done before; become a space tourist to the International Space Station. Well imagine that? Consider this and its implications in 2006.

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