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Grooming A Short-Haired Cat

Most cats are able to keep themselves clean without much help from their owner. Cats with long hair, arthritis or injured cats, will need help keeping their coat in good condition. Grooming also helps them to remain mentally and physically healthy.

• Regular Grooming reduces the amount of shed hair in your home
• Grooming provides an opportunity to check your cat all over for skin ailments and any unusual lumps
• You are able to check for signs of fleas and ticks
• Prevents hairballs
• Creates bonding time with your cat
• Prevents the hair from matting
• Grooming is enjoyable for your cat.

A short haired cat can be considered low maintenance compared with the long haired cat. Short coats can easily be kept clean by gently stroking your cat. Using your hand to groom will loosen dead hairs, tone muscles and help you bond with your cat. Grooming once a week is good enough for a short haired cat. If you feel like your hand needs assistance in the grooming process, you can invest in a fine-toothed comb and a stiff brush. The result of grooming your cat will be a happy cuddlesome cat that will look good and feel great.

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