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Jackets That Turn Him On

What jackets do guys like women to wear? Which types are the sexiest?

I posed that question to my guy.


How can those be sexy?

How can outerwear be sexy?

After some thinking, his advice for women in the office is to go for power suits. Women look really good at work in ultra sleek, power suits, preferably in black. Good news for us girls as that black jackets are wardrobe staples that goes with practically everything.

One tends to associate sexy clothes with lingerie, not jackets. Still, after going through some photos, we found jackets that do really turn guys on.

Leather jackets. Practically every jacket he found really hot was made of leather. Specifically the biker leather motorcycle jackets. Pink, black, both colors make a woman look really hot.

Basically guys like to see women in form fitting clothes. Leather jackets that hug every curve really work. Think of Olivia Newton John in Grease, when she decided to switch to leather. Think of Trinity in The Matrix. The series is over already yet guys would always remember leather clad Trinity as one hot lady.

Guys, being guys find women showing some skin really hot. A jacket, worn with nothing beneath it, unbuttoned to the navel, causes a guy's blood pressure to soar.

So if you want to heat things up with him, go for leather, power suits or unbuttoned jackets worn with nothing underneath (provided it is not too cold).

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