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Learn About Earl Grey Tea and Get Reviews of Worlds Leading Earl Grey Teas

Capt Picard, Batman and Winnie the Pooh's friend Piglet all drink Earl Grey tea. But despite being the world's most popular flavored tea, most tea drinkers know little about Earl Grey.

As British Prime Minster from 1830 to 1834, Earl Charles Grey is credited with developing the tea that bears his name. Earl Grey, according to lore, received the tea as a gift when his envoy saved a Chinese official's son from drowning.

Earl Grey is black tea flavored with bergamot oil. The oil has a citrus flavor, similar to orange blossoms. The oil is extracted from the peel of the bergamot orange, a small pear-shaped sour orange cultivated today mostly in southern Italy.

Traditionally, Earl Grey applied only to black tea. Now, Earl Grey applies to green or white teas and describes any tea flavored with bergamot oil. Many outstanding Earl Grey teas are unfamiliar to tea drinkers.

Barrys of Ireland produces an Earl Grey that starts with high-quality black tea. Americans are fond of Irish teas and most will really enjoy this Earl Grey.

Kousmichoff (Kusmi) Russian teas offer distinct varieties and flavors. Kusmi dates to 1867 Russia and produces an Earl Grey Smoky tea. Kusmi smokes a black tea and adds bergamot oil. Tea drinkers looking for something other than the standard English teas should make sure to try this unique Earl Grey.

Whittard of Chelsea, from England, makes a Green Earl Grey. Try Whittard Earl Grey if you once tried and didn't like green tea or maybe are still looking for a good green. You may find this tea to be among the best flavored green teas available today.

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