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How You Can Incorporate Commercial Interior Designs Into Where You Work

Perhaps you have looked in magazines, and marveled at the beauty of the commercial interior designs that they feature. Or, perhaps you have seen various commercial interior designs on television through one of those decorating shows. Regardless, you own a store, and you would like to make commercial interior designs a part of where you work.

Commercial Interior Designs for Your Store

You own a clothing store, and you would like to update the look of it in order to attract more customers. There are several important things you should change when it comes to commercial interior design, and that includes placement of mirrors, floors, lighting, and how the clothing is arranged.

First of all, a clothing store needs mirrors, as not everyone needs to try something on in a dressing room, especially when it comes to outerwear. Modern commercial interior design examples for a store include having strategically placed mirrors throughout the store. The key is to not have so many that they would be overwhelming, but at the same time having present that the customer doesn’t have to go searching throughout the store for one.

Many of the hottest clothing stores have the same kind of floor: light, smooth wood that has been highly polished. That kind of floor is ideal for if you are selling casual clothing, but if you are selling formal or especially fashionable clothing, black tiled floors provide a chic look.

When it comes to the lighting, commercial interior design dictates that it is all about the atmosphere that you are trying to create. Softer light provides more of an ambience, but one important rule is to stay away from fluorescent lighting, as it makes the colors in the clothing look harsh.

Perhaps the most important aspect of any commercial interior design ideas for a clothing store is in regard to how the clothing itself is displayed. Note the look of the most popular clothing stores.

Their clothes are easily accessible in every size that is available, and are most often laid out on tables or hung up on long vertical racks. Do not get those circular clothing racks that are prevalent in department stores, because that makes it harder for customers to find the clothes that they are looking for. Your clothing store should reflect the modern influences of commercial interior design, but it should also reflect your own personal design tastes.

There are many ways in which you can improve your interior design skills. If you want to learn more about interior design, author of this article, Tanja Kelly, has made an informational website about Interior Design and Proffesional Interior Design.