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Should You or Should You Not Be Wearing a Sting Bikini

To put on a string bikini and wear it in public is a very brave thing for anyone to do. You need to be VERY comfortable with your body since you are putting it on display for everyone to see. Not everyone is capable of doing this.

When picking out a swimsuit, the first question you need to ask yourself is, "do I have the type of body to wear this type of suit?" Women who are taller and thinner and have the material to fill out a string bikini seem to be able to wear it best. Shorter women, do not need to resort to wearing a two-piece suit but certain suits do look better on some women than others.

Wearing Sting Bikini in Public

Wearing your string bikini in public requires a little bit of etiquette. There is a time and a place for showing off too much or too little of what you have been blessed with.

If you are at a public beach or a water park crowded with families it's probably best to be modest. If you are on your honeymoon at a resort for all adults then you can be a little bit more liberal. Most honeymoon resorts have secluded and private beaches because we all know what happens on a honeymoon!

String bikinis are not just meant for women since they make them for men as well. Once again, however, I believe that body type either makes or breaks a suit. A body builder who spends a lot of time toning and sculpting his muscles looks a lot better in a string bikini then a man who has never seen the inside of a fitness center!

Baring it all for the world to see takes courage, self-esteem and the sex appeal we all wish we had. The rest of us, however, will continue to remain covered only dreaming about what it would be like to live outside our one-piece swimsuit world! is a site dedicated to exploring female sensuality