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BeautiControl - A Business Review Of BeautiControl Cosmetics And Beyond

...With BeautiControl You Can!

In order to complete the sentence above if you log into the corporate website it will ask you if "you are living the life you love?". While it certainly is appealing and gives you a sense of peace reality is definitely something you must keep in check. You have to know a little more about what BeautiControl is all about. This will be important for your next financial decisions.

1) The Start Of BeautiControl

If you are like me, then you will love the story of human courage and success. It never fails to encourage the human soul. BeautiControl Cosmetics, Inc was losing money for its parent company Tri-Chem and in 1980 it was bought over by Richard and Jinger Heath. By 1981, the little savings they had invested brought them machinery, inventory and packaging for the production line. This couple worked diligently and literally "mopped the floors, put rubber glove on and filled the jars". In March 1986, they took the company public and the rest is history.

2) Beauty And Cosmetics

We will touch a little about its products in detail now. BeautiControl developed the famed effective alpha hydroxy acid products in the industry in 1993. Its "Regeneration Alpha Hydroxy Complex" dramatically improved the appearance of skin and formed the foundation of the skin care product line. When the regeneration products became so popular they had to expand it into other lines. They now include a blemish-control formula, high concentration formula, and a formula for extremely dry or damaged skin.

3) Compensation At A Cost

Essentially, you will be partnering with a network marketing company when you work with BeautiControl as an independent distributor. Consultants able to recruit three new sellers earned a four percent commission on the sales of recruits. When you get four consultants under you in your downline, you get 50% off all the time product discount. If your personal retail sales for the month are $450.00 or more, you get 4% commission on your consultants' orders for the month. So, you really earn residual income when your recruits are generating BeautiControl sales themselves.

Reality Of Marketing

While BeautiControl certainly has an attractive product line, you must realize that marketing comes into play. The fastest marketing platform today is online marketing. You'd be losing out if you didn't already apply this strategy in your profit plan. Invest in a good online marketing system to move ahead of your competition.

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