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Merle Norman Cosmetics - I Finally Found Gold!

I'm nearly 50 years old and for 30 some odd years I've looked, or should I say, 'hunted' foundation that would at the very least, calm my oily skin. Well... just about a month ago I went into Merle Norman and for the first time, somewhat opened up to the consultant on duty... Ok, I poured my heart out, begging her to help me! She was so sweet and calmly took me to the Luxiva Lasting (liquid) Foundation. We picked out a shade and even though I just couldn't see it being any different than the thousands of other brands I've tried, I thought... ok... I can do this. I can take this girl's word, take it home and since they have a money back guarantee, hey, what did I have to loose? She also talked me into their new Pure Mineral Make-up, which I liked since it was in a powder form and could sop up any oil that the liquid foundation she talked me into would create.

Well, I'm delighted, elated, over the roof excited to report that it works! For the first time in my life I have not been running to the powder room every hour to take toilet paper or the nearest tissue to remove the oil coming from my gigantic pores that I inherited! Now I live in Florida, where the humidity alone could make you think I'd been swimming in the middle of the day by the wet clothes, hair and body... But this line has saved my face! (Everything else needs a good drying down, but that's another story)!

And oh, did I tell you, she gave me some of their clay mask and I've got to tell you, my blackheads are nearly gone! Yes, my skin was a mess! Anyway, I'll be going back for that mask and I'll be a faithful follower of Merle Norman from now on. At least until some 'man' comes in and changes the formula. (Don't you just hate it when companies do that? I figure it's just GOT to be men who don't use the product that make all those stupid changes to your favorites!)

A great big "kudos" to Merle Norman! Thank you!

Deborah Sheehy is owner of My Home and Garden and can be found on MyHomeAndGarden.Net