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Jafra Cosmetics International - Honest Jafra Cosmetics Business Review

Do You Think Jafra Cosmetics Has The Power To Transform Lives?

As inspiring as the stories of everyday Jafra Cosmetics beauty consultants may be, your job is to ensure that you know the inner working of this company in and out. Using their products does not make you a good beauty consultant.

It just makes you a good consumer. Find out the details before you actually move on and decide to get involved with this business opportunity.

1) Why Malibu And Cosmetics Are Related

Perhaps you might find this question cheesy but it was in Malibu where Jafra Cosmetics International was birthed. The year was 1956 where a couple, Jan and Frank Day invented "Royal Jelly Milk Balm Moisture Lotion" and wanted to empower women via direct sales.

Incidentally, their combined names meant "Jafra". Since then the company grew from one bottle of moisturizer to a full line of beauty products. In 2004, Jafra joined Vorwerk. A German international direct sales supplier for home products.

2) Products For Your Beauty

You can choose a wide range of products today with Jafra Cosmetics. This is because they have since expanded from face cosmetics right up to fragrance and body items. By looking their catalogs I could deduce that you will be using non animal tested products.

One thing that is pretty encouraging is that if you're not satisfied you could return them for a refund. Products costs in the range of $10 - $80 for a nice package. You could think about it as gifts if its not your cup of tea.

3) What About Your Compensation?

By that I mean your compensation when you decide to become a Jafra Cosmetics beauty consultant. This will set you back by and initial $40 - $60. Of course, we've not included the shipping, tax or handling charges.

Your plan is simple, the whole purpose to leverage your time is to start building your own team of consultants. Then, you earn 30% - 50% over direct sales and 10% off your teams sales. Its based on a "Hybrid" plan so explaining the basics would be enough.

Avoiding Pitfalls Of Becoming An Average Earner

One main danger is that if you are passionate about Jafra Cosmetics International, getting the products might be alright. However, becoming a real successful business person in this industry takes great sales skills. You should instead shorten that learning curve by investing in good online marketing courses.

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