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Mac vs. PC

The point of this article is not to get you to buy a new computer. I just want to tell you the pros and cons between a PC and a Mac. I have made the decision to go Mac for several different reasons. Hopefully you will find this helpful when you are in search of a new computer.

I was a die hard pc guy until I got a job as a video tech at my church. They used only Mac laptops. At first I hated them. It just did not feel right not having Windows. But once I learned how a Mac worked I've been in love with them ever sense!

There is a great advantage first of all to working on a computer that does not use the windows operating system. Windows takes up a lot of space and memory on a computer system. This from the get go can really bog down your system. What I found on the Mac was how much faster everything worked.

Second, the Mac has a very user friendly environment. This is evident when you are installing software. On a PC you insert the disk, wait for the start up installation program, go through a ton of steps, and wait several minutes for the program to actually be functional. A Mac does installation totally different. You insert your disk, an icon pops up on the screen with one file, you drag that file to the folder you want it to be placed in and that is it.

Another feature I love on a Mac is its air port. Basically, it is the way a Mac wirelessly received the internet. If your home is set up with a wireless internet or you go to a WiFi spot the Mac immediately picks up the signal. On a pc there are a lot of steps to get it online.

Lastly letís talk about the video/media advantages of the Mac. Your new Mac will come with a program suite called I Life. In this package you have a program called I-Video. You can make professional videos using this one program. Import your video into this program and you are ready to make your movie. You have tons of choices of transitions, adding titles, effects, etc. Once you are done you take it to I DVD and you video is done. Windows has a program on their machines called Windows Movie Maker. It is not necessarily a bad program. You can make simple videos on there that look ok. But you do not have anywhere near the capability as you will on the Mac.

Thanks for taking time to read this article. Again I'm not going to tell you must buy a Mac, but I hope some of this information will help you if you are in the market for a new computer.

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