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Make Money From The Ugliest Woman In Sport!

So, who is the ugliest woman in sport? Here are a couple of suggestions, and how you can use niche marketing principles to profit from it...

I did think of putting Maria Sharapova at the top of the list, but the only ugly thing about her is the incessant yelping on court! Another tennis player worthy of inclusion might be Serena Williams, who undoubtedly uses gamesmanship to win, which I find ugly.

On the looks front, it would be harsh to single out individuals, after all I'm no supermodel myself, but some of those shot putters would only be loved by their mothers!

Also how about the East German sprinters in the 1970s, drugged up to their eyeballs - whenever they won they'd raise their arms to display a good old wad of underarm hair!

Ok, that was a little bit of fun, but let's look at the serious side of making money online from niches.

A niche is simply a group of people who are all interested in the same thing. Sport provides a huge amount of niches, which is why it appeals to me, but a niche can be made up of people with an interest in any subject, from stamp collecting to losing weight to Star Wars fans.

Once you've identified your niche, which can be done using free online tools, you can then focus your efforts on providing a product that *only* that market will be interested in.

This may seem counter-productive at first - surely you'd think you were limiting your possibilities?

In fact the opposite is true, because although each niche may be narrow and fairly small it makes it easier to profit from the market, and it's also a model you can then roll out to all the other niches you can think of!

You just repeat the process over and over as many times as you like - the great thing is that once set up, they can be left to pretty much operate themselves, leaving you free to go and set up more niche income streams!

There are no big secrets to this principle - many people make large amounts of money with it, so it's simply a case of putting the tried and tested techniques into action, and you too can start profiting from niches, including maybe the ugliest women in sport!

Gordon Bryan is an internet marketer from the UK, and a fan of womens sport! To find out more about cashing in with niche marketing go to: