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Youth and Compassion

Youth, compassion, you have to be kidding, youth, of the 21 century certainly are not lacking in compassion. How dare anyone propose such a silly proposition? Youth, kids, lacking in compassion, my kid does not lack compassion. How could anyone even insinuate something so untruthful?

Let me tell you something, kids have compassion towards so many things like music, cars, and the opposite sex and computer games. Take your kids ipod away for a day see how compassionate they get. Oh me, take away the car for an hour and watch the compassion foam from their lips. Oh no, they have compassion but it is directed toward self-gratification. However, don't believe for a second they are not compassionate.

I know, to say all youth are selfish is an over generalization and there are some who have learned to care about something other than self. However, for the most part teens, youth, kids are totally self-absorbed and so was I.

Compassion, love and concern for the well-being of others are learned behaviors. If a child is not taught how to care, appropriately care about others then the result is compassion for self and self only. Today, parents, in general, are too busy caring about money, things or other self-directed commitments they ignore the youth. I am not putting all the blame on parental failure but it does play a big part in the failure of youth to express appropriate compassion.

Honestly, as I sit here thinking about youth versus compassion I can't help but think about the tragedies, which occur in their lives: suicide, school shootings, car wrecks etc. I think the best thing we could possible do for youth is love them. Love them regardless of how they behavior. Give them what you always wanted, attention and unconditional love. In fact, I think the best way to teach a kid how to love is to love them.

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