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Do You Have a Budding Specialist on Your Hands? Give Her the Resources She Needs

If you have a child who gets really excited about a particular subject or activity, you're lucky. The enthusiasm for learning that comes from getting deeply involved in a specific area of interest can be parlayed into better reading and learning skills, increased concentration, and a love for knowledge that can last a lifetime.

If you've got a budding archeologist, a fledgling fashion designer, or a future basketball star in the making, make sure she has easy access to as much information on the subject as possible. A vast array of children's magazines offers up-to-date info on every topic imaginable, including ones that interest your child. Genre books, both fiction and non-fiction, are popular among children for their focus on everything from sports and sci fi to animal care.

Visits to interactive museums, classes in art, sports, or poetry writing, and DVDs can widen your child's vistas, as can special-interest websites designed for children. The more access to information, the better.

Of course, your budding NASA specialist may decide next week she really wants to be a gourmet chef, which means she'll need a different collection of books and magazines, different DVDs, and so on. Not to worry; any money spent on the acquisition of knowledge is money well spent, especially where your child is concerned.

Aldene Fredenburg is a freelance writer living in southwestern New Hampshire. She has written numerous articles for local and regional newspapers and for a number of Internet websites, including Tips and Topics. She expresses her opinions periodically on her blog, http://beyondagendas.blogspot.com.

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