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Will Art Bell Ever Come Back to Coast to Coast Am?

For years the Art Bell show has been the late night talk radio sensation, selling conspiracy theories, UFO tales and ghostly commentary for the restless. Indeed there appears to be quite an audience for it all. Currently the Art Bell Show, now called; Coast to Coast has 12-13 million listeners World Wide and dominates late night talk radio and is syndicated around the World.

Now there is a new host during the week; George Noory who has developed his own following; Art Bell on the other hand is semi-retired and has gone to weekends only. But recently Art Bell has moved to the Philippines, yes half way around the World. So now Coast-to-Coast Am is no longer Coast to Coast, but Worldwide.

Art Bell since his move has been off the air and some assumed that the Government is after him for disclosing secret UFO and alien information or that the Aliens themselves abducted our late night talk show host. Not so, says Art Bell who promises to be back soon on the air, all the way from the Philippines. Currently there are some technical issues although some say he got lost in Manila due to the erratic driving there?

Many listeners are now wondering; Will Art Bell ever come back to Coast to Coast Am or is Art Bell straddling more than just time zones and international date lines? Has Art Bell finally discovered dimensional space travel and he is now living in another realm? Consider all this in 2006.

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