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There are many people on the internet these days selling indie clothing which has been personalised by themselves by adding a patch or a pin badge which anyone can do, but there are a few selling professionally made custom music merchandise which insidently has not been made in a few minutes by sewing a strokes patch on or by sticking an oasis pin badge on. Why buy this easily made and hardly though about clothing when it can easily be made by yourself and you can most definately save money by doing so. On the bright side though there are a few places selling rare and original indie style clothing which is great band and club wear.

The best indie clothing I find will have a retro look as seen being worn by band members of The Strokes, Kasabian, The Libertines and Kings of Leon to name just a few. Why pay 30 plus for an old army shirt or jacket with a pin badge or patch aimlessly stuck on when you can do this yourself, what I'm trying to say is don't be fooled by overpriced vintage clothing just because its got a patch or pin badge on buy the good stuff as its easy to tell. You can get great rock 'n' roll indie inspired clothing for men and women with free postage worldwide which is well designed and thought out and certainly can't be made by just anyone from a few selective place on the net but the best one I have found which is an up and coming indie clothing label is http://www.indiet-shirts.com

Source: www.isnare.com