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Commercial-Quality Star Trac Model 1800 Treadmill

The Star Trac Model 1800 Treadmill is designed by the world’s Number-1 health club quality treadmill manufacturer. It is guaranteed to meet the needs of even the most enthusiastic fitness buff.

The Star Trac 1800 series was designed for health clubs, resorts, and spas. It is used in physical therapy and rehabilitation centers, corporate workout facilities, and apartment and hotel complex fitness rooms.

The 1800 offers settings that will suit everyone from beginners to experienced runners alike. Its features offer comfort and durability, so it is a reliable machine that will please customers for years.

Because it is so cost-effective, the Star Trac 1800 treadmill will be a worth-while addition to any gym, spa, or fitness facility. The control console is easy to use, and it comes equipped with self-diagnostic and self-calibrating features that help you maintain the equipment.

This model provides constant scanning, and gives feedback on heart-rate, distance, calories burned, mph, time, etc. There is a graphics display window that offers vistas of hills and valleys, so treadmill users will forget they are in a gym and imagine they are running through nature.

Additionally, there is a cool-down function and speed +/- and incline adjustment keys, that allow runners constant control of their own workout.

The Star Trac Model 1800 treadmill is used in top-quality facilities for a reason – it offers superior features, durability, and comfort for every user. Because it is so cost effective, many facilities place orders for multiple units, so many of their patrons can enjoy the benefits the 1800 has to offer.

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