Fashion Bug ¬Ľ 80s Fashion

Fall 2006 Fashion Trends

While the leaves in North America are turning yellow and red, the hues in stores are less vibrant. The fashion scene this fall/autumn is the greyest Iíve ever seen. Just about everything is in shades of grey, black, white, and different shades of these three. From pants to jackets to hats, if thereís one color you need to get this fall, itís grey! So get ready to shop for this season's styles.

The Look: Very 80s, school-uniform chic

The Trends:

Grey pants, skirts and culottes, with a hint of color included in pinstripes or checks
Sleeveless sweaters layered over full sleeve button down shirts
Skinny pants
Thick black stockings and tights worn under dresses, skirts and culottes
Low ankle boots
Beige and black striped blouses and tops
Long tops that come as low as mid thigh
Large belts to be worn over the long tops (very 80s)
Short cropped jackets (worn over the long tops for an assymmetrical look)
Knit sweater dresses (worn with stockings)

How to achieve the look: Be eclectic when you dress this fall. Put together pieces that you wouldn't normally, for a grundgy uniform chic style. Wear makeup in bold colors and large pieces of jewelry.