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Fifties Party - Celebrate What You Remember From The 50s Or Enjoy This Decade Anew

Everyone remembers Fonzie, Richie, Potsie, and the series "Happy Days" or the movie "Grease" but many youngsters don't know how much fun a fifties party can really be! A fifties theme party can be great fun for party goers of all ages. They can be combined with pool parties, slumber parties, or adapted to all types of parties.

Consider how much fun a fifties style sock hop party could be for a first boy-girl party or a slumber party! First, be sure to send invitations, which may be purchased or home made, ahead of time. It is always a good time to make sure everyone knows exactly what is expected of them, if their children need anything special for the party, exact pick up and drop off times, etc. Then, follow up a few days before the party to be certain who will attend.

A fifties party, whether it is indoors or out, works well with an assigned music disc jockey, and if you don't have one, it is normally a simple task to hire the local teen aged babysitter or enlist the aid of another parent. Fifties records and even suitcase type record players can be found in thrift stores and flea markets, for very little money. Additional records can be purchased and hanged from fishing line. Additional records can be melted over a microwave safe bowl and cooled to use as a bowl for treats or popcorn. With just a few creative ideas, your fifties party is sure to be the sock hop everyone keeps talking about.

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