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The Age Of Disco: 70s Theme Party

Parties have seen many changes over the past century, and youre going to see the same chain of events with a 70s theme. Though probably not quite as drastic in change as that of the 1950s and 1960s, the changes were still quite prominent by the end of the decade. The biggest single change that occurred fashion wise was a complete turnaround from the mini-skirt to the mid-skirt. Many women did not accept this trend and lived in slacks until toward the end of the decade when skirts rose to a length that ranged from right below the knee to the top of the knee. Peasant tops and dresses also became quite popular during the early 1970s along with hot pants, or short shorts. In some regions, the trend toward several lengths began as early as 1970 and in others, the mini skirt lost popularity until toward the end of the decade when it was fashionable to wear whatever length you felt comfortable wearing.

Musically the 70s saw some major changes as hard rock turned to acid rock, a heavier beat that was the predecessor of heavy metal. By the middle of the decade, disco dancing became popular, and a new kind of party music was born. The 70s were quite popular for party music, so you may feel comfortable using that as a sub-theme for your party. No matter what the age of your guests, everyone loves to dance. Although not a new trend, the idea of lights circling the dance floor became more popular. Instead of the room being lit, the lights were turned down low and the colored lights overhead circled the dance floor, creating an aura of being in the spotlight.

You may ideas of your own for decorating for your 70s party, but keep in mind the changes that this decade endured in month fashion and music. It was quite a change to be sure as can be witnessed by the fact that television has created an entire show based on the decade.

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