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Los Angeles Sedation Dentist

You can choose a sedation dentist if you are fearful of having dental work done. You undergo your routine visit while sedated and wake up with a beautiful smile. Using different levels of sedation or sleep dentistry, the dentist performs multiple treatments and procedures that might normally require more frequent visits.

People who are afraid of needles or drills, have had a bad dental experience or have difficulty getting numb, have gained benefits from this technique. This is also good for people who have complex dental problems or hate the noises, smells and tastes associated with dental care.

Phobic patients or people who are anxious often discover that sedation dentistry offers the perfect solution for maintaining good dental health while being in a totally relaxed sleep-like state. Children who fear dentists can also benefit from this. A sedation dentist can administer local anesthetics, such as nitrous oxide, to children, for a safe and pain-free dental treatment.

There are three ways to administer sedation dentistry. One is by using oral conscious sedation. In this youll be given a small pill to take an hour before your appointment, which will put you in a deeply relaxed state. You will not be unconscious but will be unaware of the pain and the treatment going on. Another way is an I.V. conscious sedation, in which your trained dentist can administer more medication directly into your bloodstream if you require more sedation. The effects are effective and instantaneous. Another type is using general anesthesia, and your dentist has to be board-certified. In this you will be unconscious, asleep and unable to respond. Whichever way your dentist uses, most of the time he is required to get a permit that qualifies him to sedate his patients.

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