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Okay, we all know that New York boasts a great many highly qualified, well-experienced dentists. Cosmetic, implant, restorative, pediatric, low-cost you name any type of dentist and New York has it. The trouble is: how can you find the dentist you are really looking for?

You may contact the New York State Dental Association. It is a constituent of the American Dental Association representing more than 13,000 dentists in New York. The association can guide you to helpful dentists, be it in the domain of cosmetic, implant, restorative, pediatric or reconstructive dentistry.

Or, you can ask your friends or family if they know of a good New York dentist that they might be able to refer you to. Another likely option would be do a search on Google, Yahoo!, or any other good search engine for the key phrase ""New York Dentist"" and sift through those results until you find one you like.

There are also online directories of all types of dentists across the United States. Why not even try the Yellow Pages?

When you have found a few New York dentists with your search, you can start calling them about their fee schedules to compare costs. Ask them for referrals so that you can assess their trustworthiness. If you are looking for particular kinds of dental work, see if you can locate a specialist, rather than a regular family dentist. This will ensure top quality. When it comes to your teeth, you only get two sets per lifetime (childhood and adulthood), so don't skimp on good dental work.

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