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Punk Baby

There has been a recent trend of punk clothing for adults that has now filtered into baby and toddler clothing. Why not have fun when you dress up your little clone? Skulls and Rock and Roll themes are becoming very popular, including a line of Skull decorated pacifiers. Maybe some conservative minded people have a problem with this but it's just a fun style statement and I don't see any problem with dressing up a baby in a cute rock and roll themed onesie.

Even though I am in the grandmother category at this point, I still think this clothing style is appropriate, cute, and completely adorable and should be acceptable as baby shower presents and baby gifts. Of course, using your own judgement would be the key thing here. Consider the mother and her taste and sense of humor.

If you check out one of these alternative clothing stores, you will also find more "acceptable" style of clothing for babies. Such as karate pants with a tattoo nautical star design or a shirt with a class sailor jerry tattoo style banner with mom and pop on the shirt. Something for everyones taste.

Here are a couple of sites that sell these clothing lines for baby - which also carries tattoo-inspired clothing for adults and children as well, and - which carries pacifiers, as well as onesies and a cammo line of baby clothing. They also carry lullaby renditions of popular bands such as Green Day and Nine Inch Nails. Times they are achanging!

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