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Finding Plus Size Clothing

For the woman of slightly larger build, it can be frustrating to find clothing that fulfills needs. Plus size clothing sections in department stores and malls are often small. Additionally, clothing stores catering to “big and tall” men are more readily available than those that provide offerings for similarly described women. There are however, remedies to these problems.

Many women find that shopping for plus size clothing is a much more enjoyable experience online. Many fine companies offer plus size outfits and separates on their Web sites, allowing women to shop in the comfort of their homes. Additionally, some stores offer shipping to a local outlet so that women can try the clothing on.

Online shopping also provides a low cost way to purchase plus size clothing. Many department stores, including high-end stores, charge extra for this type of clothing. Discount Web sites offer low prices for good quality clothing. Most clothing has high mark-up, so discount sites take a lower mark up. They get a profit, and women can find reasonably priced plus size clothing.

Catalogs also provide an excellent shopping outlet. Some companies that specialize in plus size clothing (like Lane Bryant) put out monthly or quarterly catalogs. This not only allows women to shop with ease, but find a particular item again by ordering it from a previous catalog. Some of these companies do have local stores, and this can be a great help for plus size women who prefer to try their clothing on before buying. But once a desirable piece is found, it is very easy to order variations of the style by noting its catalog number.

While it can be frustrating to move from store to store, searching scanty plus size racks for clothing that is flattering and reasonably priced, there are other options. Online shopping and catalogs are two ways to find a variety of styles fits and colors to flatter the plus size figure.

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