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Iran Gets More Time from UN; Is August Too Far Away?

The United Nations is getting in the way of the escalation to war with Iran. Syria and Israel are about to go to blows and Syria has a pact with Iran that if they go to war that Iran will back them up? But will Iran renege on that pact and lose Syria as a partner in crime.

Will Iran forgo the Syrian Machiavellian pact and what will that do to Turkeys confidence with their relationship with Iran and what will the entire Muslim population think about this? Will this isolate Iran completely with no allies allowing for a huge attack on the nuclear weapons factories in Iran?

Will Iran agree to talks with the United States and her allies by July 5 and if not will the allies take action ahead of and Israeli strike, as Israel plays their cards trying to force Iran into conflict now with an excuse before Iran completes the enrichment of their Chinese Stock Uranium to make a Nuclear Bomb to blow Israel off the map?

And as all this occurs and the United States celebrates our Independence Day, exactly where will the bomb shells bursting in air really be occurring? Iran Gets More Time from UN, but is August too far away?

It appears that the United Nations is the odd man out as all the humans are marching towards a brief but decisive battle. If this battle is done correctly it will prevent World War III, if not it will start it. Consider all this in 2006.

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