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Teen Beauty Pageants, Such as the California Teen Scholarship Pageant, Can Help Build Confidence

While beauty pageants have gotten a bad name over the years, there are some great pageants out there that help women further their academic aspirations. The California Teen Scholarship Pageant is one such pageant that isn't all about beauty or modeling, it's about helping women further their education, build confidence, and even give them a leg up on helping in their local community. These pageants really are much different than your traditional teen pageant or beauty pageant and are worth looking into for every woman.

The great thing about scholarship pageants is that they don't focus on beauty alone. Of course, judging does include beauty and poise, but it's not just about beauty. In fact, these scholarship pageants usually do not have a swimsuit or talent judging, which is a load off of most girls' minds. In fact, pageants like the California Teen Scholarship Pageant usually judge on grade point average, poise, beauty, and overall personality and aspirations. This means that every teen, whether she has been in pageants all of her life or this is her first one.

In fact, teen pageants such as the California Teen Scholarship Pageant encourage young women from all backgrounds and all experience levels to get involved. Most of the teens that get involved with these scholarship pageants are first time pageant competitors. California pageants report that many of the girls compete once and come back the next year with a couple friends so that they can all compete and hopefully win a scholarship to help them to go the school of their choice. The great thing about this is that good portions of the teens are on an even playing field, so that anyone truly can win. You don't have to be the most beautiful teen in the state to win this pageant, because it's about so much more than that.

Most of the teen scholarship pageants allow girls to register for the competition online or through the mail. You'll usually be required to send a picture and an essay or completed questionnaire in ahead of time and then a judging panel will determine who will go on to compete in the actual pageant. Teens that do not get into the pageant the first time they apply should not be deterred; instead they should plan to apply again the following year. These scholarship pageants really are a great way to help pay for school, which we all know is extraordinarily expensive.

If there is a teen in your life that needs to build some self-confidence or could use some help paying for college, a pageant such as the California Teen Scholarship Pageant is a great idea. This pageant is all about rewarding the girl that is going places, to make college more affordable and reward her for all of her hard work. The most traditional aspect of these pageants is the evening gown round, which only requires that the teens wear a long dress. The teen can pick any type of dress that she wants, so she feels comfortable and is able to portray her personality. The evening gown round is done to help the judges determine the teen that is able to carry herself well in every situation.

Many teens are looking for a way to get noticed, to pay for college, and help build their resume and self-confidence. Pageants such as the California Teen Scholarship Pageant can help a teen do all of these things, and more. These scholarship pageants really are a confidence builder, and can be the one thing that catapults a young woman to a place where she can succeed and do the very best at whatever it is she wants to do.

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