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Outlook Poems (Time, Youth, Booze and Little Things - Part IV)

Advance: in this series of poems (called: ‘Outlook’ poems)) for their sentiment)), which have thus far, four parts to it, here is a beautiful and most welcome addition to Dennis’ collection of over 1750-poems to date; by an awarded lyric poet, each testifying to the everyday receptivity of life. In these poems, one can see a tribute to human nature, a power and mysticism of deep emotions. Rosa

Outlook Poems [Time, Youth, booze and Little Things/Part IV]

14) Time Wasted

Do not waste your time my friend
Today—, now, do what you can….
A hundred days, you squander aloft
Thinking tomorrow will be enough:
When in essence, it’s talk, sweet talk,
And death is waiting by the brook.


15) Drinking Partner

A wife, angered by her husbands drinking,
Resolves this, by drinking as well;
Both drink themselves, into hell…!


16) Packages: USA

Packages, the New Age phenomena;
zero in on the population—unexpected
they find their selves the century’s
new client: deep frozen on a pile of bacon
with compounded interest—, with packages of:
beef, bread, beer, wives, whims and cigarettes.


17) Little Things Matter

(Alexander the Great/325 BC)

In several battles many died
And Alexander didn’t know why!
Aristotle thought deep on this…
Told Alexander a secret!
“Cut their beards and shave their heads,
For the enemy’s pulling on this
(and causing distress).
Then Alexander taking heed,
Changed his luck, from war to war:
Won his fame, and much more.


18) Youth, Truth and beauty

Youth, truth and beauty
What a game they play:
Whispering to each other
Who will surrender first…
To shame or disgrace…
(each a candle with a wick—


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