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Ultra-thin Samsung Phones - A Series of Seamless Beauties

An idea of a slimming centre concurrently directs towards a space saving conclusion. And after a series of nightmarish thoughts of inability in finding a suitable space to live, that the ever increasing population has gifted us, any steps to a space saving solution certainly invigorates serious interests. Well, major cell phone manufacturers do incur a parallel thought. And Samsung Electronics, by being the leading manufacturers of sleek and stylish phones, has become a virtual slimming centre for phones. This time around, the company comes up with another bunch of spellbinding beauties in the name of ultra-thin phones.

With the taste of supreme success from the previous bunch of ultra-edition phones, it was a matter of wait and watch for the buyers to embrace the superior look and dynamic features of the next series of ultra-thin phones from Samsung. Exactly meeting to the demands, with the Ultra Edition II phones, Samsung comes into fore with a set of four phones in the name of U100, U300, Samsung U600 and U700 that are innovative, stylish and potential to sets trends in assembling highly impressive features within such a slim outfit.

In this group, if the Samsung U600 (Ultra Edition 10.9) and the Samsung U700 (Ultra Edition 12.1) comprises a sleek slider look, the U300 (Ultra Edition 9.6) comes in a metallic clamshell. The fourth, touted of the world's slimmest phone, comes with a name of Samsung U100 (or Ultra Edition 5.9) and is a candy bar handset. Along with the supreme flawless slim look, each of these phones offer 3 megapixel cameras, high-speed web connectivity, and extensive multimedia as well as audio capabilities.

In a nut shell, all the three phones are designed for the user who are style concious and wish to stand out of the mediocrity. All the four variants showcases unrivalled performance, advanced functionality, and the magnificent styling.

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