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Magic Trick

My interest in magic tricks started at an early age. I remember sitting in front of the television watching the magic specials. I would watch the magician as he performed his tricks, all the while trying to figure out how he did it.

As I grew older I began to want to learn magic, so I picked up a few books at my local library and delved into learning as many magic tricks as I could. The library is an excellent source of information about magic tricks by the way.

Then I learned about the International Brotherhood of Magicians. They have local chapters all over the globe. Every chapter holds meeting where members perform magic tricks and even teach a few of them.

Another valuable resource that I found was the local magic shop. Here they have all kinds of magic tricks for sale. Not only do they sell magic tricks, but they also sell instructional products as well. At my local shop the owners will even demonstrate different magic tricks so you can see how they are performed.

So in conclusion, some valuable resources to check out while trying to learn magic tricks are your local library, your local magic shop, and even the internet. Also, check out your local chapter of IBM as it is also a good resource. Learning magic tricks can be both fun and rewarding.

Jon Bennett has been studying and practicing magic tricks for several years. visit his blog here.