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Games Girls Play

While it may seem stereotypical, most girls enjoy many of the same styles of games. This is not to say these games are exclusive to females, or that these young women might not enjoy the same pursuits as boys. In general, however, it does seem that scores of girls flock to the same activities time and time again for very specific reasons.


Girls as young as toddlers love to act out fantasy lives and roles. Baby dolls and dress up clothes transform these girls to make-believe mothers and princesses in a split second. These games do not end with the school years. Young girls, and even young women, continue to enjoy creating fantasy characters and lives for recreation. Electronic "pets" and online personas take the place of the earlier dolls, but some versions of dolls continue to live on.

While Barbie might be blasť, girls in their teens still regularly discuss other forms of dolls. Online dress up games found on websites such as offer these young ladies an opportunity to create fantastical creations in whatever style they desire. These games go far beyond a slightly complex coloring book. The dolls take on lives of their own, guided by these same girls who had tea parties with water in the teapot and imaginary cookies.


Many of the more traditional games have a single dimension. You become a player or character and move through a predetermined number of spaces or levels. Girls might enjoy these games, but they revel in opportunities to move beyond the basics. By incorporating relationships, choices, and strategy in a game, girls are much more involved and gain much more.

For many girls, it is not about winning or even advancing. The storylines and relationships between characters can be enough to keep them coming back for more. In many games appealing to girls, both online and off, characters are developed with stories and personalities of their own. Rarely is a game marketed to young women with faceless entities racking up points in one way or another.


Girls like competition, but most prefer it to be friendly. For most females, regardless of age, the relationship is more crucial than the victory. If two girls are engaged in a contest online, they are more likely to praise the otherís creation or efforts than tear anyone down. This is especially true when a young lady exposes herself to opinions by sharing some of her own work or thoughts.

For example, doll websites, such as, offer competitions and contests between girls to create certain styles of dolls or even stories about their creations. Rather than criticize or insult the competing stories, most girls offer praise or positive comments. There are rarely sore losers, either.

While not all girl games remain friendly, the vast majority of girls enjoy games without the rougher elements of more traditional competition. Overall, girls may enjoy the same activities as their male counterparts, but it will usually be for different reasons. Girls play games for fun, of course. To be fun, however, these games must appeal to girls on many different levels.

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