Why Would You Want To Learn Japanese?

There are many reasons why a person, like you, would learn Japanese.

Perhaps they do it out of necessity, or perhaps they learn Japanese because they want to open up new opportunities.

There is so much that can be gained when you learn the Japanese language. You also have to consider that while Japan has the second largest economy in the world, not many of them know how to speak English.

Nowadays there is so much to enjoy from Japan and there are many fantastic opportunities for Japanese speakers. Here are just a few...

  • There are many international business opportunities you could get hired by a large international business firm. Learning Japanese presents great career opportunities. You could even work and live in Japan.

  • Understand Japanese animations, movies, music and cartoons, and be able to enjoy the Japanese acting. Wouldn't it be great to watch the film rather than reading the subtitles?

  • Make your college/university application, resume or curriculum vitae stand out. "Fluent in Japanese" is eye catching and ranks high.

  • Unravel your own culture and language as you see where it's the same and different from Japanese and discover the unique Japanese culture that shines through their language.

  • You could order a sold-in-Japan-only video game and be able to understand and play it. Some items never make it to the UK or USA market.

  • And also, it's just mighty impressive to be able to tell your friends, family and attractive members of the opposite sex that you "speak Japanese".

  • The Japanese language is not as hard as you think.

    It's true that Japanese has a much different system of writing than English or any other European language.

    In addition, the grammar of Japanese is in many ways simpler than that of European languages. Japanese nouns have no genders, plural forms, or accompanying articles to learn. The language also has only two verb tenses, present and past, and includes very few irregular verbs.

    Spoken Japanese has only 5 vowel sounds and spelling is phonetically consistent, making the language relatively easy to pronounce.

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    Source: www.articlesphere.com