Wholesale Clothing Tips For Retailers

Wholesale clothing seems to be abundant these days. A quick click of the mouse and a retailer can find thousands of sources for wholesale clothing.

But what retailers need the most, are strategies for selling the wholesale clothing which they buy.

Here are my top tips for selling clothing out of a store:

Clothing Sale Tip #1

Always have a well lit store. You can have the nicest clothing in your store, but unless your customers get a good look at it they won’t buy it.

Clothing Sale Tip #2

Separate the clothing by brand. Your customers know the brands they want. Help them to easily find those brands in your store by using well displayed signs.

Clothing Sale Tip #3

Full color photos. People are buying into an image when they purchase brand name clothing. Remind them of that image by having pictures in your store of people wearing the clothing. You can obtain plenty of promotional pictures from the brands by simply calling them. They look for opportunities to promote their brands, so they will be glad to send you professionally produced full color pictures.

Clothing Sale Tip #4

Clean stores. People want to shop in clean stores. Keep your store clean and your customers will enjoy spending time in your store.

Clothing Sale Tip #5

Stay organized. Your store needs to be organized. Customers want and easy and smooth shopping experience. By having an organized store you will enable your customers to easily locate the clothing that they are looking for.

Donny Lowy runs http://www.jlowholesale.com an online wholesale and closeout business that supplies eBay sellers, retailers, and flea market vendors.

He also manages http://www.eckowholesaleclothing.com and http://www.fubuwholesaleclothing.com

Donny can be reached at 718-389-5502

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