What To Do Before A Brazilian Bikini Wax?

So, you have made the decision, You are going to get a brazilian bikini wax. This experience could be quite painful and unpleasant if you do not prepare for it properly. Take a look at the following tips before getting your first brazilian bikini wax.

1. Think again which kind of a pubic hair removal you wish to get. Check out the standard bikini wax and full bikini before making the final decision. Brazilian bikini wax is the most extreme one.

2. Find a professional salon that itís expertise is on brazilian bikini wax. You could find at least one in any big US city.

3. Make sure that the salon has experienced waxers. You donít want to get your first brazilian bikini wax from an armature.

4. Talk to women that got a brazilian bikini wax from this salon. Ask them how was their first time? how long does the treatment take etc.

5. Find out what is the price of a brazilian wax in the salon. Do not pay too much for it. A price of 70 bucks is reasonable. More will be a theft.

6. Check if there is enough privacy for you in the salon. Some salons may give you the brazilian bikini wax in a small hole with only a small curtain to separate you from the out side world. Shouting with pain in this hole could be embarrassing.

7. Schedule a treatment for a time you know you will be calm and tranquil (preferable not after a long work day).

8. Take a long warm shower before going to the salon. Clean thoroughly your pubic area.

9. You may trim your pubic hair yourself to a length of about ľ inch. If you will not do it the waxer in the salon will do it.

We have executed an independent research to find the best method for removing pubic hair. The results were clear. Find out more methods for removing pubic hair and more about brazilian wax on Brazilian bikini wax and more.

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