What Kind of Men do Women Prefer - Do You Have What it Takes?

So what kind of men do women actually prefer? Well the answer to this question can be easy and hard at the same time. It can easy as there are some very essential qualities which almost every woman demands in her man and it can be hard to figure out sometimes as not all men are the same and sometimes not all women are looking for that common package. Read on to find out what kind of men do women prefer.

A sense of humor- This is the most common yet most essential demand women have and want their man to have. Women like to stay around men who know how to make them laugh and keep them amused. No female likes very intense or boring males.

Purpose in life- Women like men who know what they want in life and have a strong path which they are following. Women always look for a man who has a vision and a strong desire to get somewhere in life.

A gentleman- Women want a man who knows how to treat a lady well. Women would not respect you unless you know how to respect them. Therefore women prefer men who know how to pull chairs and open doors for them when needed.

Knows how to carry himself- Women have this tendency to choose the best and the most rare man of the whole lot. The one who knows how to carry himself well.

Romantic- This is one ingredient all women desperately want in their man. Romance is the foundation of any and every relationship therefore women always demand a man who knows the true art of romance.

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