Plastic Surgery

The difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery is that plastic surgery is carried out to repair or restore skin and tissue from birth upwards (congenital) or caused by injury or disease. When plastic surgery is carried out for aesthetic reasons it is known as cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic plastic surgery

There are many reasons why someone may carry out cosmetic surgery and these include the removal of birthmarks, moles, tattoos, warts, breasts enlargements, nose reshaping (rhinoplasty). There is actually a host of more reasons why plastic surgery may be carried out. In the case the patient has asked for a part of their body to be changed, this is known as elective surgery.

Previously cosmetic surgery was only for people who needed the treatment for congenital reasons. Over the last few years it is evident there has been a major increase in the amount of people choosing to have cosmetic surgery for beauty reasons. The trend appears to have been started by a few well known celebrities. Today, there are various television shows shadowing people who have chosen to have cosmetic surgery. This surgery does require a number of very complicated procedures. Prior to carrying out any such surgery it is therefore very important that you are totally committed to the need for that type of reconstruction.

Hands lift is a variation of cosmetic surgery. The idea behind this type of surgery is to remove tell tale signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and transform thing arms into healthy looking hands.

To qualify for surgery

Within the UK, if you are intending on carry out cosmetic surgery, you need to meet specific criteria as outlined by your local health authority. Within the UK, the as the health service is funded by the tax payer, the NHS will cannot pay for surgery for cosmetic reasons alone. Although if cosmetic surgery is needed to improve or correct congenital conditions, such operations are generally carried out free of charge.

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