Mexican Wedding Shirts or Guayaberas are the Perfect Beach Wedding Shirts

The Mexican wedding shirt is a traditional shirt in Latin America, this shirt also known as the guayabera shirt is believed to be created originally in Cuba in the mid 1800ís. These shirts are a well balanced combination of a casualness, style and elegance; many people from a Latin American decedent will sure remember their parents or grand parents with a guayabera shirt taking them to church or a very important reunion.

Made traditionally of 100% Linen the guayabera shirt is to be wear un-tucked with a relax fit, featuring two pleated lines in the front together with four pockets two on top side to side and two at the bottom side to side, also these shirts are full of details such as many buttons and split sides also with buttons for ornamental proposes. You can find them with beautiful tropical inspired embroidery and designs.

Try one on and you will be amazed on how comfortable these shirts are you will feel the tropics on you. With the freshness of the 100% linen fabric these shirts are very well suited for an outdoor beach wedding or any outdoor event.

Now days you will find different styles of the Mexican wedding shirt but all of them with one thing in mind, they are comfortable, fresh and with a relaxed fit. Kidís will love a guayabera since they donít have to wear a tie they will feel free and right at home with them, also you can get guayabera inspired dresses, blouses, skirts and many other items. has been in business for 5 years delivering Guayaberas, linen sets, Mexican Wedding Shirts, linen pants and many other tropical items to customers around the world.

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