Laser Resurfacing May Not Be The Best Anti-Aging Treatment For Darker Skin Beauties

Did you know that laser resurfacing may not be the best anti-aging treatment for darker skin beauties because of the higher levels of melanin in the skin?

Lasers are very effective for hair removal treatments but also as anti-aging treatments, but if you are a darker skin beauty and have problems with hyperpigmentation or worst Keloid, using a laser on your face might be something you want to approach very carefully.

Laser resurfacing may increase the risk of hyperpigmentation if you have a darker skin tone. In fact, it’s almost guaranteed. Laser is attracted by darker surfaces, if you have a darker complexion you may have some serious complications because the laser will be attracted to your skin tone like a magnet. If you really want to try laser resurfacing, you might want to try it on body parts that are not obvious to the outside world. Many people with darker skin will quickly realize that the post effects of laser resurfacing may serious complications with hyperpigmentation. In some cases, this hyperpigmentation is irreversible because there is permanent skin damage.

There are many other methods, such as injections, that allow people with darker skin tones to deal with their anti-aging concerns without the risks of hyperpigmentation, or worst Keloid.

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