How Can I Avoid Swine Flu - Can H1N1 Swine Flu Be Side Stepped?

Asking how can I avoid swine flu is like asking how can I stay dry at the beach? You could stay out of the water but isn't the water the point of going to the beach? Serious steps to avoid swine flu would mean staying out of daily life. No work, no social life, no social interaction. That's not a realistic option and if you have kids that go to school you may find that swine flu walks right through your front door this fall.

Prevention will serve you better. Here's a few steps you can take to protect yourself.

1st) Build up your immune system with natural health boosters. Take multi-vitamins, echinacea, and an extra dose of vitamin C every day. At least though out the flu season. I acknowledge there have been reports claiming these supplements don't help but I have had luck personally with them and endorse them whole heartedly.

2nd) Wash your hands as often as possible with ant-bacterial soap. Use alcohol based hand sanitizing gel if there's no soap available. Personal hygiene is a pro active step you can take to avoid many illnesses and in the case of swine flu possibly save your life.

3rd) Consider getting vaccinated. I realize the H1N1 vaccine is still being tested and is not "proven" effective but previous influenza vaccines has worked in the past. I will consider myself lucky if it's even available to me since I'm in the over 26 under 50 age bracket. If it's an option take advantage of it.

Swine Flu is serious business and I'm not just trying to scare you. The fact is any Flu prevention tips are good information and Swine Flu precautions save lives. The Swine Flu is scary. It targets people 25 and younger and small children are especially vulnerable. I touched on some of the basics but this subject deserves real attention. To find out more take a look at In depth comprehensive information on how can I avoid swine flu is available and I strongly recommend you take advantage of it before you "need" to.