Does Using A Mac Laptop Compute

I was fortunate enough to get a job that paid well and was a lot of fun about five years ago. However, they wanted me to use a Mac laptop when I started. This was a problem because I was very unfamiliar with it and I had no idea what I was doing. Obviously, using a Mac is a lot different than using an IBM compatible type computer. It took me a quite awhile to get used to it because everything was different. Fortunately, my boss was patient because he knows that they arenít common. He was also kind enough to offer to have someone come in to show me the basics.

It turned out that I did well without the help with the Mac laptop. I managed to figure things out as I went, which tends to be the way I learn things anyway. I found that things seemed to make more sense after I got used to using the Mac laptop. I wondered why other computers have to be so complicated because the commands and the keys on the Mac seemed to make a lot of sense. In my opinion, computers should be easy for everyone, or at least as easy as possible.

I got more work done in a shorter time because the Mac laptop I had was a high powered one for that time. The fast Internet connection and the computer also made surfing easy and fast which allowed to me do online research quickly. I almost bought a Mac laptop of my own at the time because I was in the market for a new computer. However, I left the job soon, and I was unable to buy anything for a year or so. I was moving across state and that shattered my budget so I had to put off buying.

I decided to purchase a PC instead of a Mac laptop after considering it for some time. I guess old habits die hard, and this was no exception. I went with what I knew best because I had a lot more training on a PC. However, you should know that a Mac laptop is probably still easier to use and tend to be more user friendly than almost any other type of computer. Nevertheless, you still have to check them out along with other types, so that you will be sure that you are getting the right laptop for your needs and skill level.

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