Designer Clothing: Quality or Status Symbol?

The movie The Devil Wears Prada was brought a lot of attention to the issue of designer clothing lately. Most of us enjoy seeing the latest styles and fashions in the magazines and on the movie stars, but in reality most of us canít afford to purchase designer clothing. Some of the outfits they offer cost more than my entire wardrobe, shoes and all! I wouldnít want to spend that much on an outfit anyway as quickly as the styles change in our society.

Designer clothing is known for its great quality. However, it has also become a status issue in our society more than the quality of the clothing. Letís face it, most people who were designer clothing donít wear an outfit enough times for it to see any wear and tear anyway so of course it is going to stand up to the elements. It is amazing how much that name on a pair of jeans or their logo on a sweatshirt inflates the cost of the item.

For those of us living in the real world, you can get clothing that looks like designer clothing from retail stores such as Burlington Coat Factory, Ross, and Gordmanís. If you still want the real thing, consider purchasing it online at auction sites like Ebay and Yahoo Auctions. This is a great way to purchase designer clothing at a fraction of the retail price.

For those who have a budget to stick with, it can be intimidating seeing others around us in the latest fashions and in designer clothing. This is especially hard for teenagers to cope with when it is all about fitting in with everyone else. It would be nice to see our society focus on things other than designer clothing, but as long as the world remains fascinated with Hollywood, designer clothing is here to stay.

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