Co-Sleeping Benefits for Breastfeeding Mothers

So many breastfeeding mothers today are so concerned about getting their babies to sleep in their own beds that they miss the great benefits that co-sleeping can provide.

By sleeping near your baby, you both get into similar sleep cycles. If you put your baby in a separate room, the baby wakes up on the baby’s sleep cycle, you on yours, and no one gets any sleep! In fact, he or she might be waking up when you're in your deepest sleep (when it's harder to wake up and harder to fall back to sleep.)

So despite what you might think, you are actually more rested by co-sleeping than you would be by sleeping apart. Breastfeeding mothers who co-sleep report less interruptions in their sleep that do mothers whose babies sleep in their own beds in another room.

Even so, many breastfeeding mothers are warned that sleeping in the same bed with their children might be dangerous. Surprisingly, studies show that the opposite is actually true. For sober breastfeeding mothers who co-sleep with their infants, SIDS rates are amazingly low and babies who co-sleep are much healthier.

There are even co-sleeping products out there to make it even easier! Most co-sleepers attach to an adult mattress so mothers can breastfeed without ever getting up and interrupting anyone’s sleep.

So before you struggle to make your baby adjust to his or her own bed, you might want to give co-sleeping a try. It may just be the solution to getting a good night’s sleep.

Sheri Lynn is an editor for "Breastfeeding Magazine" a new online source for breastfeeding support and encouragement. For more information, visit