Can Women Get To The Top By Flirting?

Can women get to the top by flirting? This is a question that is often asked and deserves an answer. The problem is that an answer is not always available and no studies can significantly and consistently show that it is indeed true. The general response when a woman gets to the top of their chosen career is that they must have got their by flirting or other incredulous liaisons with men in her particular sphere.

This may be true, but if it is, it is no different from men who also reach the top who “flirt” or have “illicit liaisons” with other men in their chosen sphere of activity. So called creeping and crawling is not beyond men. However, it may just be that “flirt” are just letting themselves open to be more acceptable individuals in their environment. What exactly is flirting? Perhaps these women are just more well kept and hold themselves in a more mature and acceptable way.

Carrying yourself in a mature aspect is something to be admired and it could simply be that those that have the power are promoting these women through their general human appeal as well as their sex appeal. We can’t be sure, but what we can be sure of is that we would be very unlikely to promote a tramp or vagabond to the position of Chief Executive Officer in a company even if the credentials otherwise were immaculate. Having someone that smells or spits on the Board of Directors is hardly a recipe for success. Whether women flirt or not, it is pretty immaterial in my mind. Or is a better question to answer is if women do it so openly, why do men fall for it every time?

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