Affordable Fashion - No Longer A Contradiction In Terms

Affordable fashion is a contradiction of terms, or at least used to be. If it was affordable it could not be fashion and if it were fashion then it would not be affordable. However with the commercialisation of fashion this is changing.

The rich and famous pay exorbitant prices to have exclusive control over fashion but the public at large has the numbers that bring in huge profits at small margins. Therefore the fashion industry is in two minds. Some still prefer to make exclusivity their unique selling proposition and cater to the elite few. Whereas others bring in mass-produced goods and either through marketing hype or by imitating the trend setters (or both) make a fashion statement of their own. There is the third type that sells a range of products and services and caters to the classes and the masses. The masses feel contented that by using the brand name they are in fashion. This is the contemporary face of affordable fashion.

Therefore Caribbean cruises have a higher fare for the more fashionable with everything included and a budget fare for affordable fashion that includes only the minimum with extra for the frills. Fashion houses produce the exclusive high priced range of garments in thousands of numbers, whereas similar (but not the same) moderately priced garments are manufactured in millions of pieces.

Affordable fashion has another aspect as well. If one has the attitude and poise one does not need big bucks to make a fashion statement. Funk jewellery, boldly and tastefully worn, can set a fashion trend. Faded and burnt and slashed jeans that are so much in fashion today were the creation of ordinary people who wished to be different. Jeans manufacturers entered the bandwagon much later.

So if you are gutsy and bold make your own affordable fashion. If not, there is plenty of it available in the market.

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